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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Red Mole Pictures

It is already clear that the red moles could be some different types. And some times not everything that looks like a red mole is a red mole (see the Cherry Angioma).

Talking about the red moles with strange life cycle and look we could not neglect the
Strawberry birthmarks.
Strawberry birthmark

The Strawberry birthmarks are soft lesion on the skin of a baby. It could appear anywhere on the body. Usually it appears in prematurely born babies during the first three months. It is not bleeding and it is not some kind of infection. The Strawberry birthmarks are not a sign of bad health and have no connection with any type skin cancer.

The reason that cause this birthmarks is not completely studied. The female babies tend to develop Strawberry birthmark more often than the male babies. In about 30 percent of the cases this birthmark disappears till the third year of the child.

The common red mole is not so different by the common brown or black mole. The structure and the manner of developing is one and the same. In fact in the most of the cases the mole does not have clear and bright red color.

Red Mole Picture
red mole picture

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